Take The High Road


How is the toll calculated for an RV towing a car?

Tolls are charged based on the number of axles on a vehicle. A two-axled RV would be charged the same amount as a car. An extra charge would be added for the additional axles of the tow car and/or trailer.

Is it possible to buy a season or frequent user pass that offers discounted toll rates?

The Confederation Bridge does not offer discounted passages in order to treat all customers fairly.

Is it necessary to reserve a spot for the crossing, as you would for a ferry?

The Confederation Bridge operates 24-hours a day, seven days a week. Reservations are not required.

Do toll rates ever change?

Toll rates are reviewed on an annual basis and are adjusted on January 1 based on the rate of inflation.

Tolls & Fees

Confederation Bridge tolls are charged based on a vehicle’s axle-count and are calculated for the round-trip, regardless of the user’s initial point of entry to Prince Edward Island. Bridge tolls are collected when leaving Prince Edward Island at the toll plaza in Borden-Carleton, PE. Cash, Interac, and all major credit cards are accepted.

Confederation Bridge tolls are tax-exempt.

Toll Rates & Fees
First 2 axles $50.25
Each additional axle $8.50
Motorcycle $20.00
Shuttle Service
Pedestrian $4.75
Cyclist $9.50
Pedestrian/Cyclist Baggage Fee
First Bag free
Each Additional Bag $4.25
Out of Gas $108.25
Wide Load requiring lane closure $216.50
Self shuttle $4.75