Take The High Road


Where can I find the most up-to-date information on bridge conditions?

Smartphone users can download the Confederation Bridge app or sign up for email travel advisories to stay informed of changing conditions on the Bridge. Current conditions are also available on our website or by calling us at 902-437-7300 and selecting the option from the main menu.

Does the Bridge ever close to all traffic?

The Confederation Bridge is designed to minimize the effects of extreme weather conditions, and it is rare that the Bridge is closed to all traffic. The most common wind restrictions usually only apply to high-sided vehicles, motorcycles, and vehicles towing objects.


Confederation Bridge Control monitors wind speed 24-hours a day through the use of a real time weather monitoring system installed on the Bridge, in addition to site specific weather bulletins provided by an independent weather service company. Travel restrictions may be enforced when steady winds recorded at the Bridge exceed 70 km/h with gusts consistently exceeding 85 km/h. Restrictions during these times usually only apply to high-sided vehicles, motorcycles, and vehicles with objects in tow.

Am I a High-Sided Vehicle?

At the Confederation Bridge, a high-sided vehicle is defined as any vehicle exceeding 7’2” (2.2 metres) in height, including any fixed or removable racks. As a point of reference, most pick-up trucks, SUVs and vans, including most 15-passenger vans, fall well below this height restriction.

Travel Advisories – Get the App!

Stay informed of changing conditions on the Bridge with our new Confederation Bridge App! Visit your smartphone’s app store and download the free application for access to up-to-the minute travel information. Not a smartphone user? Signing up for our email travel advisories is easy and free! Simply click here to receive information on any potential or current travel restrictions on the Bridge.

Commercial Parking

Safe and convenient staging/parking areas are located on both sides of the Confederation Bridge. During wind events, drivers in Prince Edward Island are encouraged to utilize the rest area located at the corner of Industrial Drive and Dickie Road in Borden-Carleton. This lot is in close proximity to nearby facilities including washrooms, Tim Hortons, and Gateway Village.

In New Brunswick, drivers should exit to the New Brunswick bridge facility located at exit 47 on NB-16E. Washrooms can be found inside the facility.