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Le Pont de la Confédération comporte-t-il un système de péage électronique?

Oui, les usagers fréquents du pont voudront utiliser StraitPass. Pour en savoir davantage, cliquez ici.

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Véhicules commerciaux

The Confederation Bridge is the quickest and most convenient transportation option for travel between Prince Edward Island and the mainland. Crossing the Bridge takes only 10 minutes(1) ; 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. And with savings of 37%(2) over the alternative, it is also the most economical way to travel to and from the Island! For current toll rates, click here.

1. under normal operating conditions at the maximum posted speed of 80 km/h
2. percent savings based on Northumberland Ferries’ 2013 fare for vehicles up to 20’ in length

Wide Loads and Dangerous Goods

All vehicles more than 2.6 metres (8 feet 6 inches) in width must stop and report to the scale house in Prince Edward Island or the New Brunswick bridge facility located at Exit 47 on NB-16E, where they will be measured before crossing the Confederation Bridge.

Vehicles measuring between 3.04 and 3.6 metres (10-12 feet) in width may require a Bridge Patrol escort, depending on bridge conditions. Those vehicles measuring between 3.6 and 4.26 metres (12-14 feet) in width require a Bridge Patrol escort at all times. Vehicles measuring more than 4.26 metres (14 feet) in width require both a Bridge Patrol escort and a lane closure for the duration of the crossing. Please note that lane closures only occur Monday through Thursday and are not possible on statutory holidays.

Drivers with dangerous goods must report to either of the above-mentioned facilities to obtain permission to cross the bridge. For more detailed information, contact Bridge Control at 902.437.7349.